By J. Eric Lybarger

  As children, one of the first things we learn is to master the alphabet and numbers, which enables us to do math and READ! Reading then allows us to learn. Even reading fiction is beneficial, exercises the brain to expand our language and visualize the writers’ thoughts.

We read biographies to learn about others lives and we can read about how to master our own thoughts, accomplish dreams/goals,or even how to build something. All forms of reading expand your knowledge base. The skill of reading is coveted by many, if you can read, use that to your advantage, Read All You Can !


READ MORE CO. is helping “spread the word” that reading is an asset, but it is an asset that lays dormant in too many people.

Help ReadmoreCo spread the word and you will have helped in this crucial cause. Remember, “small things done with great love can change the world”.

Read your way to greatness and inspire others to do the same through reading, exploring, learning and growing.

Keep up the good work Readmore!

J. Eric Lybarger


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