Words From July 6-10

Mirror kyle

5 Words of the Work Week (July 6-10)

Goal: Fit word of the day into normal conversion


Pretentious (Adjective)- Characterized by assumption of dignity or importance, especially when exaggerated or undeserved:

Example: The pretentious soccer player scored a goal and for his celebration he jumped in the crowd.


Aplomb (Noun)– Self-confidence or assurance, especially when in a demanding situation.

Example: Malcolm Butler’s pick on the goal line in the Super Bowl, speaks to his ability to handle crucial moments with aplomb.


Dichotomy (Noun)– A division or contrast between two things that are or are not represented as being opposed or entirely different.

Example: To paraphrase what Pablo Picasso once said, “avoid the dichotomy, make your spare time your every time.”


Meliorism (Noun)- The doctrine that the world tends to become better or may be made better by human effort.

Example: The Civil Rights Era is an example of how great people can express their Meliorism.


Virtue (Noun)- Behavior showing high moral standards.

Example: According to Greek philosophers, to reach Eudaimonia (perfect well-being) one must have sounded virtues.

Quote of the Week:

“ All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone”- Blaise Pascal


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