Words From June 29- July 5


5 Words of the Work Week June 29- July 3

Goal: Fit word of the day into common conversion


Egregious (Adjective)- Extraordinary in some bad way; glaring; flagrant:

Example: Dave’s egregious actions after being called for a foul, resulted in him receiving a technical from the ref.


Excruciating (Verb)- To inflict severe pain upon; torture:

Example: The waterboarding that the victim received for his treason was excruciating.


Pervicacious (Adjective)- Extremely willful; obstinate; stubborn.

Example: The pervicacious boy, refused to get out of the car when he was told he had to go to the doctors’ office for shots.


Vexatious (Adjective)- Troublesome; annoying:

Example: Every thursday, Stephanie had to babysit five vexatious kids, that loved to mess with her while she tried to read.


Infatuate (Verb)- To inspire or possess with a foolish or unreasoning passion, as of love.

Example: From the first time Dane seen Ashley, he was infatuated with her beautiful looks.

Quote of The Week:

“ Each day in itself, brings with it an eternity”- Paulo Coelho


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