Words From Oct. 5 – Oct. 9

5 Words of the Work Week (Oct. 5 – Oct. 9)


Goal: Fit word of the day into common conversation. 


Illustrious (Adjective) – Well known, respected, and admired for past achievements.

Example: People travel from all around the world to see the illustrious Eiffel Tower.


Pandemonium (Noun) – Wild and noisy disorder or confusion; uproar.

Example: The black friday sale at best buy caused pandemonium in the store.


Revelation (Noun) – A surprising and previously unknown fact, especially one that is made known in a dramatic way.

Example: After reading the Quran, Danny had a revelation.


Stupendous (Adjective) – Extremely impressive.

Example: Janet received a Pulitzer prize for her stupendous novel.


Ethnocentric (Adjective) – Evaluating other people and cultures according to the standards of one’s own culture.

Example: The ethnocentric man thought his Spanish class English.

Quote of the Day

“ The power to move the world is in your subconscious mind” – William James


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