10 Things Influential Leaders Should Practice Daily

By: Kris Colley


(Pictured: Che Guevara)

10. Eye Contact

  • Eye contact is important because it exudes confidence. The more confident the leader, the more effective he will be. Also, eye contact enliven value in a conversation. It is just as, if not more important that you maintain eye contact when you are speaking as well as when you are attentively listen. Eye contact shows respect and respect is a leader’s best asset.
  1. Vocabulary
  • Expanding your vocabulary does wonders for a leader. Vocabulary illustrates a form of knowledge. Exceptional leaders all use punctual word choice to be better understood and to better understand (check the 5 words of the work week on the site that are posted weekly for additional vocabulary words).
  1. Remembering Names
  • Dale Carnegie, author of the classic How to Win Friends and Influence People once exclaimed, “that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” No matter how difficult, practice recalling the individual’s name and use it periodically throughout your conversion with them (you will be amazed at the level of respect you command just by doing this).
  1. Charisma
  • Charisma is the full embodiment of your true self. To be charismatic you must talk with conviction, energy and be uplifting. Charisma is the intangible that separates good leaders from the greats. Charismatic leaders do not go along to get along. They raise the standards of all people they come into contact with (A great book that will help you break down and apply charisma as one of your personality traits is Charisma on Command).
  1. Application
  • Practice what you’re preaching everyday (Todos los dias). Allow yourself to replace the word failure with feedback and always seek to understand where you can improve.
  1. Presentation
  • Presentation goes hand in hand with charisma. But there is no use of practicing the play and failing on the execution. Get out of the film room onto the field and showcase your leadership prowess.
  1. Effective Listening
  • If you listen, you’ll learn. It’s that cut and dry. Pay more attention to what is being said and respond [editor’s note] the sponge mentality: Allow your mind to take-in information like a sponge so you can gain density.
  1. Reading
  • People say “A book a day keeps reality away”. And it is for that reason why, gaining knowledge daily is just as important as eating. Begin to cut out a bare minimum of 30 minutes a day for reading. [editor’s note] Focus on adding the habit of reading when you first wake up or before you go to bed, you won’t even realize the power you will gain from effortlessly performing this simple task. Make it fun, enjoyable, and by all means insightful.
  1. Problem-Solving
  • “Nobody has all of the answers. Knowing that you do not know everything is far wiser than thinking that you know a lot when you really don’t” (Lao Tzu). Understand that you should look for solutions. Refrain from searching for the answers to all problems, and look for better solutions.
  1. Communication
  • Communication is the special combination of all the previously listed. Make sure you are understood and that you understand others. Communication is not subjected to verbalization, it is just a dexterous understanding. Although it may take time and attention, the ability to effectively communicate adorns leaders from followers.

Honorable Mention: Great leaders ask great questions, get in the habit of questioning everything and getting quality answers to your questions. If the answer is not fully comprehensible to your liking…Google it!

Proverb: Anybody can be a leader, but not everybody can lead. Become a leader of yourself, by leading your mind towards acceptance of one’s self. Become a person that aspires to uplift and you will be uplifted.
By: Kristopher Colley, II

Editor: Kyle Colley


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