Melancolley Open Letter

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Melancolley Letter

What does it mean to be a conscious black man in 2015. What is your role in society? Should your actions constantly aim to liberate the people? or do you allow the people to continue to fall victim to social normalities?

It’s a perfect conflict of the ideologies of Malcolm X and the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr! Do we stand on morals and virtues or do we see what the world is giving and act accordingly?

I was brought up on the principle that a man can do anything in life but not everything in life. So I have decided to take a different approach.

Melancolley tells a story of a young adult’s shift into consciousness and seeing the world with abundance yet also realistic. K.Colley is in a mental dilemma, he understands the divine words and lessons of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich and Outwitting the Devil and is perplexed how information like this is in plain sight yet untalked about in the free world.

On the contrast, he is emerged in learning his own hidden African American history through books by Malcolm X, Dubois, Garvey and Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome; Bringing all these subjects together, he begins to see the psychological effects history has had on the black mind for over 450 years. It becomes hard to think and grow rich when you have been socialized to think otherwise. Taught principles such as being physically strong over mentally strong, fathers abandoning their kids and self hatred resulting in the killing of those that look like you, all come from lessons instilled on the fields so many years ago.

Although we live in 2015, our minds can also still unconscious go back to these lessons that have been passed down for 400 years of generations.

The question is… are you ready to wake up? No Melancolley will not teach you all that I have learned but hopefully it just might help lead you to make a decision to read into it on your own. I want to challenge all people that listen to this EP, regardless of race or gender, to want to learn about not only the history of their people but also other people’s history so their can be some solidarity on Earth. I challenge you to read into this stuff and not become militant and aggressive but rather see the power that is your people and the power of people when their morals are rooted in love, collaboration, and relationships.

To quote the phrase coined by BK Artist, I challenge you to “see like Malcolm and think like King.” Think with abundance, possibility and faith and also see that some people might never care to see change. My hashtag is #TheTribeOfBMF (Building Minds Faster), because we are in an era where this source of information is available to the masses and it’s relatively unhidden. There is liberation in knowing who you are currently and also how you will create yourself in the future. Finally, I also know a tribe is small and I want to build a following of change agents.

I built M.O.U.S.E. with the hope that I could change lives the grassroots way. I have been told you cannot make people changes, all you can possibly do is hope that your words speak in a language that goes to their hearts.

All I ask is that if you are reading this, that you not only make a change in your life but also impact the lives of others. The impact of music can be heard by the deaf, seen by the blind and can touch the masses. I make music for the people that it touches and hopefully it will touch you too. I heard an interesting quote that says, “If the people lead, the leaders will follow,” I have decided to walk with the people today. Will you do the same?





P.S. The Melancolley EP is now available here


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