5 Reasons You Should Stop Biting Apples, Getting Manipulated and Falling into Temptations


By: Kyle Colley

The idea of biting apples sprouts from the biblical story of Adam & Eve (Assuming you know the story). All of the luxuries of the World were provided to them and the only thing they were not to eat was the fruit from the forbidden tree.

Of course they could not resist the temptation and fell victim to the serpent’s persuasion. To illustrate this metaphor let’s imagine that our lives are our luxuries (go figure) and the only thing that we have to do to reach our epitome of success and freedom is to avoid the serpents (outside sources) that try to bring us down to their level.

It’s up to you to pay attention and decide whether what you are doing is an instrument of your success or the guidance of outside source’s influence. As you become aware of yourself, the knowledge of serpent’s language will be easier to detect, conquer and defeat; until then here are an additional 5 Reasons you should Stop Biting Apples, Getting Manipulated and Falling into Temptations.

1) You Believe Everything You Tell Yourself

I will never forget these two words of wisdom my cousin once told me, first “limit your bullshit,” and “the worse person you can lie to is yourself, because you will always believe it.” We can all admit that we are not grinding 100% of the day, but what if we tried to focus on staying in the 85-95 percentile area.

In those moments that we are “bullshitting”, let’s be aware of it, and condense it. The worse person you can lie to will forever be yourself because at the end of the day you know exactly how much effort and preparation you put in. You cannot lie to the grind and the more time you waste… the more time you waste.

   2) The YOLO (You Only Live Once) Mentality

(I apologize in advance to my Drake fans who still live their life by the motto) This mentality is moronic! The reason they can live that lifestyle is because they invested in their craft before anybody knew who they were. We have to be willing to delay gratification and invest in ourselves in order to be rewarded with the opportunities we aspire to gain. However, if you insist on living the YOLO lifestyle use it as a motivator for taking calculated risk and seizing once in a lifetime opportunities instead of living recklessly.

 3) You Create Bad Habits

The old adage is “humans are creatures of habit,” and that still remains true. As humans we have to pay attention and monitor which habits are empowering to us, and which ones are disempowering to us. Habits are formed and ultimately become what Napoleon Hill likes to call, “hypnotic rhythms” where they happen unconsciously. Hypnotic rhythms can be use to your advantage, as along as you first make the conscious effort to form habits that will then bring you success and achievement in all aspects of your life. People who want to be successful will develop habits of excellencies or habits that will bring fulfillment to their lives.

“ We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit “ – Aristotle

4) You Become Deceptive

All humans can be deceptive to the media bias at any given time. Because of this, we often fail to realize that the people who are glorified on TV and social waves, at one point were living lives just as or worse than your current situations. Learn to use the media bias to your advantage!

If you want to know how they got there in layman’s terms, they stop worrying about how they were going to become successful, and focused on their why. By constantly paying too much attention to other’s success, you start to envy and downplay the beauty which is your life. Also beware that you are contributing to their dreams and ambitions, while putting yours on hold.

5) You Lost Your Personality and Your Uniqueness

In the quintessential words of Chance the Rapper in the song Wanna Be Cool, “I don’t want you to be me, you should just be you.” When you focus on conforming to the “cool” of the masses, you lose the opportunity to find the cool (uniqueness) in you. Outside sources, will try their best to show you that you are not fit enough, smart enough, beautiful enough or even human enough just so you will live in fear, worry, despair and buy into what they are provoking.

The fact that you can create the person you want to be means you will always look for the knowledge that can direct you towards new inward enlightenment. Lastly, by having faith in your own intuitions you might effortless discover the person you always desire to be, is within.

P.S: You should think about forming a mastermind group full of accountable partners. These people will be your most trusted friends and advisers. So pick them wisely! (This right here is the hard part) Learn how to put your ego aside and listen as they will bring attention to flaws in your character. Ultimately their advice might be the next insight you need to unlock new consciousness and help you continue down your path of success.

Proverb: The mind is a garden that always needs new seeds planted, old seeds unlearned and the new ones to be constantly watered. Knowing this, be careful of unfruitful seeds in your garden, they too will grow.

Kyle Colley is a rising sophomore political science major from Denver, Colorado who attends Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Editors: Kristopher Colley and Janet Colley


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