6 Reasons You Should Follow Successful People, Places and Pages that Inspire Your Dreams on Social Medias


(Pictured: Buddha)

By: Kyle Colley

I know you get tired of somebody constantly bringing to your attention that “YOU ARE ON YOUR PHONE TOO MUCH,” and saying you should do something more productive with your time. For all the people who have their phones glued to their hands at all times, what if I could possibly provide you with an opportunity to not only keep your prized possession safe in your hands, and at the same time, also help you grow, learn, build awareness and continue to bring your dreams and goals to life. Would you listen to me?

The fact that you have clicked on this post proves you are the type of person that is interested in learning something new. You might have already been aware of these advantages and just have not used them fully. If you pay attention to this invigorating discovery, you will not only be connected with friends on social media but also more correlated with your vision.

1) Makes you more Ambitious

Face it, following pages of low value is often times not going to provide you with the drive to want to better yourself in the field you are going to excel in. While on your page, have you ever scrolled down and discovered somebody that is currently ahead of you, in what my mentor likes to call the four pillars of life health, wealth, love and happiness? (in no particular order) Instinctively, you will either become envious or ambitious; Always pick ambitious!

Ambition betters you, and outside desire inspires them. Let your mind ask questions like, “what is she or he doing that I am not doing, and how can I improve myself by watching what they are doing differently? Not to model but to “Ask Why?” By asking these questions, you are allowing your mind time to find corrections to your situation.

2) It Narrows your Focus

As you follow more pages and people who motivate and inspire you, you will also become more aware of what you desire in life. If you like to travel, follow pages of places that you actually would like to travel to. If you enjoy being healthy and fit, follow good food sites, fit people and exercise program pages that are going to instantly elevate your health consciousness.

If you have ever been in talks or been to any business oriented seminars, in some way or another they, told you to narrow your focus and to know your “why”. That could possibly be your new way of deciding whether it’s a good page to follow or to unfollow. As you begin to pay more attention to your focus, you will realize it makes little to no sense to waste your time following people/pages that are not helping you manifest your goals.

“Invest time, spend less”

Roger Hamilton

3) Makes you Motivated/A Believer

You know that old adage that “you are what you eat? Well in 2015, you are what you read. If you read daily uplifting, empowering quotes and articles unconsciously it is going to pull those same positive emotions out of you. Secondly, following motivational pages is going to give you exposure. Most people have a hard time aspiring and achieving what they desire because they cannot visualize clearly what they want. Following pages that express the vision that you want to obtain, will not only thoroughly help you recognize what you want but also allow you to better imagine goals through your five senses.

4) You are Deliberately Training your Subconscious Mind

Your subconscious mind is powerful!! (I could literally talk about that all day, but you should seriously look into it). It has an uncanny ability to manifest what it focuses on most. The fact that you can narrow your focus (look at #2) and train your subconscious mind consciously through filtering what comes across your feed, can bring abundance to your life! You will in essence, create your own personal media bias.

A media bias is a cognitive bias, that regulates the information that is being presented to an audience based on a set agenda or belief. By supervising the information that is coming across your timeline, and making sure that it has some type of beneficial value to you, you are deliberately telling your subconscious mind to concentrate on ideas that will bring success to your life.

5) The Law of Attraction

This point highlights a common underlying theme throughout this discussion, an idea known as the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is the idea that you attract into your life opportunities and thoughts that most dominant your mind (although this is a modern-day theory, this idea is consistent throughout history). This same idea is expressed in Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, when he talks about auto-suggestion, in the Bible (“As man thinketh”), in Buddha’s teaching (“the mind is everything. What you think you become”) and in Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essays (“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”) With all that said, if you want to attract successes into your life, allow your positive thoughts to flourish and follow pages and people who will continue to permit those dominating thoughts to populate your subconscious mind.

6) You are a Product of Your Thinking Environment

More often than not, you unconsciously pick up habits and ways of thinking of those you surround yourself. Under this premise, it should come as no surprise what you follow on social media (environment), you unconsciously inherit some of its beliefs (product). By bringing attention to this, it may be in your best interest to carefully decide what pages/people you surround yourself. If you follow pages with daily motivational, positive and uplifting material, you are more likely to be lead in the direction of cognizance. [Editor’s note] surround yourself with things that allow you to grow. Remember it is the environment you create that has the most significant effect on your actions.

P.S. Now that you have read this you might want to take control of your social medias and run a personal inventory on your feeds, that are often unconsciously putting content in your mind that may or may not be contributing to your success. Questions you might want to ask yourself are, “is this person/page helping me yield what I want from life? If yes great, but more importantly if not “why am I still following this page/person?”

Proverb: Garage in, Garage out

Kyle Colley is a rising sophomore political science major from Denver, Colorado who attends Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Editors: Kristopher Colley II and Janet Colley


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