The Social Cipher on Black Life


M.O.U.S.E. Presents The Social Cipher

A Network of Conscious Thought

A group within the Nation of Islam, known as the Five Percent Nation gather to discuss important topics and concerns of the world, they form a circle, this circle of great minds interacting and or masterminding in harmony is call a “cipher”.

The importance of this cipher, is that it brings three elements: 120 degrees of knowledge, 120 degrees of wisdom and 120 degrees of understanding; summing up to 360 degrees, the making of a circle.

M.O.U.S.E. wants to bring that same degree of learning to a modern day social media environment. This cipher of the youth’s knowledge with the enlightenment of our elder’s wisdom will produce the ultimate goal of understanding.

M.O.U.S.E. created this platform because we believe there are great minds and voices as well as students of life that want to discuss edgy topics in a formalized social manner.

The Presiding Question of The Discussion:

Over the past month alone black life has been shorten sadly by a church shooting, police and even close proximity shootings. With all these detrimental occurrences, Discuss why Black Lives Matter in today’s society and How more value can be invested and established to these lives?

Feel free to challenge, add new questions and or build off of other people’s beliefs because that will help the cipher become a place of understanding. Also you are encouraged to attach pictures, videos or links to aid your points and ideas. Respond to the question and share to friends and acquaintances to help the cipher grow and become an effective inspiration community. Leave your comments below in the comment section on the blog. Enjoy!!

  • From the Tribe of Building Minds Faster (B.M.F.)

One thought on “The Social Cipher on Black Life

  1. The action that must be taken is that people actually come together and have a great discussion on how to advance as a people. There is still too much division and distrust within our community. Hopefully the events of the past year and half have changed out young blacks perceive themselves and how the outer community perceives them. This should make us want to progress. But I start this cipher will the call for mobilization and peaceful congregation.


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