5 Reasons You Can’t Pull the Race Card For Not Achieving Personal Success


By: Kyle Colley

Oprah Winfrey, Frederick Douglass, Robert Johnson, Nelson Mandela and Cesar Chavez could have all played the race card, but would you know those names today if they had?

Regardless of what society tries to frame in your mind, success in any field will always attract to people who are most deserving no matter what time period you look at.

Keep that in mind as you maneuver down this list of 5 reasons you can’t pull the race card for not achieving personal success

1) Dreams have no Color

If the world allowed Martin Luther King to tell his dream in front of 250,000 people on the 28th of August in 1963, what is stopping you from telling and following your dream?

You can make every excuse in the world and even try to play victim, but the world has no sympathy for a person that does not aspire. You have to look inward (I suggest even mediating), with deep thought and ask yourself, “where do I want to be in five years?” “ten years?” and every day reaffirm your desire until it gets imprinted in your subconscious mind.

Once your subconscious mind is working with you, it becomes a vessel of untapped power only limited by what you believe is impossible.

Always dream big, because then you will always have a lofty goal you want to manifest. Steve Jobs was a staunch believer in setting and achieving a goal a day. Trust and believe in yourself and it will come to surface, in time.

2) GRIT has no color

One thing that can never be taking away from you is heart! Grit is important because it displays strength of character, courage and the intangibility of always persevering. Having this ensures that you will remain steadfast, honest, and true to the grind.

Once again, you can try to play victim, however, successful people do not believe in justifying failure because you allow yourself a pass from not living up to your ultimate potential.

In the great words of Howard Thurman, “what the world needs is people who have come alive,” how do you expect to come alive if you are constantly lying to yourself? That in itself lies a paradox!

Grit is supreme positive passion, and when harnessed and use in relations to your definite purpose, it will ignite your dreams.

3) Knowledge has no Color

To be knowledgeable is to be an expert of life. No matter your ethnicity or background, the importance of knowledge remains.

Marcus Garvey once stated that, “man should understand himself because man is full of knowledge and knowledge is a gift of nature.”

If you want to understand the magnitude of how important knowledge is, think back in history of any human orchestrated catastrophe; now imagine if those victimized people had any prior knowledge of the destruction to come… Knowledge allows us confident advanced thinking and preparation.

That being said, knowledge is the gatekeeper of human understanding and awareness, and when people develop the hunger (ambition) for this power, it’s more addictive than any drug known to man, and most billionaires could attest to that.

I digress, the importance of school and education is to provide the tools for students to want to seek knowledge, Jim Rohn articulated this point exceptionally, when he said, “formal education will make you a living, self-education will make you a fortune.” (Self-education alluding to knowledge)

Knowledge is a loaded weapon, capable of reaping more havoc than any weapon in comparison, and the beautiful thing, is it is at the disposal of all humans who thrive for it.

4) Being Opportunistic has no color

There is no doubt that you can argue that minorities are given fewer opportunities (I would co-sign), but the best opportunities in life are not given, they are earned and sought; Life in itself is one big opportunity waiting to be seized.

Opportunities are in abundance, when you open your mind to the world; whether you decide to capture them is entirely up to you. With faith, the mind will open more doors for you, especially because you reap what you sow.

Often times, opportunities pass people by because they are not ready to receive them, but some wise words my mother once told me that might aid you well, “you can’t be scared when opportunity is right in your face,” or stated in another way by the great UCLA basketball coach John Wooden, “when opportunity comes, it is too late to prepare.”

5) Peace, Harmony and Positivity have no Color

Peace of mind, is one of the most important, yet often the most challenging mental states to secure. In a world dominated by the internet that presents the good and the bad, finding harmony in your life takes effort!

Staying positive is essential, and regardless of your background, a positive mental attitude resides within many successful people. No one can take your happiness away from you, unless you permit them.

Negativity will destroy any and all minds. To succeed you must be teflon (a la John Gotti) to all unwarranted negatively whether it be outward or inward (detrimental self-talk).

As man thinketh, so he is; Think positively!

Proverb: Do not waste your time following down the exact same paths that people have already laid the blueprints for. Read the blueprints and use them as  the starting point of your legacy.

Tai Lopez, a self-made millionaire said in his TEDxTalk, “ You have to download the consciousness of people who have come before you,” What’s the point of wasting your time?

If you have or are growing up in a pugnacious environment, embody the good and alleviate the bad (by developing a Sponge Mentality), successful people find the positives in the situations they encounter.

Kyle Colley is a rising sophomore political science major from Denver, Colorado who attends Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Editors: Kristopher Colley , Janet Colley, Kristopher Colley II


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